The 2015 Crop

The 2015 Kew Park coffee crop is winding down to the last few cherries.  We've had perfect weather in 2015 and the team has done really well.  The trees have responded well with a substantial crop of clean cherries that started being harvested in September and will finish in the next couple of weeks.  Despite the heavy crop the trees are still healthy and vigorous, a function of the strength of the trees, the great weather and care.  The team was also able to plant lots of new seedlings, filling in the gaps in the fields, and we have selected seeds from our most productive trees for even more seedlings for 2016.

The last coffee cherries of the season

We're seeing more migratory birds this year than ever, and welcome them as they control the Coffee Borer insect that attacks our coffee.  We're grateful for the extensive work on migratory birds at Kew Park that has been done by the Smithsonian and Humboldt University highlighting this aspect of the value of birds.  This year the birds did a great job!

 Most of the 2015 crop has now been pulped, washed and dried and is now stored in burlap bags in our climate controlled storeroom. The first cuppings from the crop are showing that the quality is good - among our best ever.  Order yours today!